The Gallery Club presents (IN)VISIBLE


The Gallery Club presents (IN)VISIBLE
Photography by Stephan Göttlicher, Natascha Libbert and Roosmarijn Pallandt

11 – 12 May 2019
@ Magazijn, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 153A, Amsterdam

The Gallery Club Dinner | Saturday, May 11th 2019
18.30 – 22.30 hrs

Price: € 81 p.p. (incl. dinner, drinks and service costs)
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On Saturday, May 11th guests will be treated to an exclusive dinner during an evening filled with beautiful photography, a gallery talk by curator Gili Crouwel (director and founder of The Gallery Club), artist talks by the participating photographers, a video slide-show and tunes by Jazzfunked.

Open House | Sunday, May 12th 2019
13.00 – 18.00 hrs

  • Drinks, gallery talk, video slide-show and tunes by Jazzfunked between 16.00 and 18.00 hrs.
  • Yes, it’s for free!

About the exhibition
The Gallery Club is proud to present its newest exhibition in Amsterdam (IN)VISIBLE in collaboration with the photographers Stephan Göttlicher, Natascha Libbert and Roosmarijn Pallandt.

Stephan Göttlicher
The act of creating a photograph is very sensitive for German photographer Stephan Göttlicher. He believes that, in our time, the distinctions occur in the moment of seeing things: he needs to take the photo when it comes to him. There is also the aspect of the working process itself. Göttlicher was trained classically, but loves technical faults and mistakes and doing things in ways they shouldn’t be done. This has become a part of his work and a stimulant to experiment and investigate.

Göttlicher came to photography from dance – spending about fifteen years studying and then working as a professional ballet dancer in Germany, England, and Switzerland. It was a very visual education that he had through dance involving all arts. Photography became a passion while he was a dancer. He began to view dance and the world at large through the lens, and it opened things up for him. Göttlicher got his start as a professional photographer by taking images for dance companies while still a dancer. Before long it became such a passion that he stopped dancing and switched to photography.

In the late 1990s Göttlicher had his coming of age as a photographer, towards the end of the analog period. The digital revolution in photography has been a challenge. Although he enjoys working in both analog and digital, he’s more comfortable doing things in the old school style and having to wait for the results. The act of making photographs – of looking at the world, framing it, preserving it, and sharing the work – makes him feel at home on this planet.

Natascha Libbert
Natascha Libbert lives and works in Amsterdam. After working as an account manager at an ad agency, she decided to become a part-time flight attendant (2002 – 2012) in order to go back to school. She studied photography at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague and graduated in June 2009. In 2014 she decided to become a fulltime freelance photographer, after having worked at several communication departments at KLM.

Libbert looks for a way to combine her personal work and interests with her assignments. She believes that any world can tell a story. A great example of this is the book of her latest project I went looking for a ship. In 2016 she worked on a commission for the Province of North Holland about the see locks at IJmuiden. This resulted in a fascinating personal navigation through the landscape of shipping. She documented the life inside the technical zone on and around the locks, the port of Amsterdam and the ships. Libbert focused on themes such as destruction and construction, the increasing public invisibility of maritime transport and the way in which the landscape is constantly changing as a result of shipping. She decided to look for a ship to be able to observe everything from another perspective and to get a grip on this landscape in constant transformation.

I went looking for a ship was published in 2018 and was selected for the Best Dutch Book Designs 2018.

Roosmarijn Pallandt
As a trans-disciplinary artist Roosmarijn Pallandt’s work-field often lies in natural environments far from home, the Dutch farmlands where she grew up. Her journeys take her to a variety of natural environments and enable her to meet the tribes and communities that inhabit them.

It is in photography that Pallandt finds great challenge to capture the plasticity of reality. Being a stranger in the environments she travels, she finds herself in the dark; a place where the cycle of dawn and darkness reveals and obscures at the same time. Aware of the physical patterns and reliefs that lay on the earth’s surface, she has found a solid way to start a dialogue with the inhabitants as they build their patterns on the many layers that lay behind the visible surface, structured around myth, belief, history and memory.

This forms the core of her investigative endeavors: to make visible and tangible the invisible bonds that form the mental, spiritual and practical threads between human and the natural environment. This multilayered investigation results in a series of photographs that create dialogue with woven works made by and in close collaboration with the local people.

The resulting collection of works continues to grow and due to that movement it remains a series of separate works that, at the same time, are inextricably interlaced. Pallandt recently did a artist in residency at Casa Wabi in Mexcio.