The Gallery Club presents The Passing of Time – Part II

Photography by Amanda Bradley, Maritza Caneca, Stephan Göttlicher and Luis Lazo

Saturday 30 November 2019
6pm – 9pm

@ Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd St, Miami, FL 33127

Regular opening hours:
30 November 2019 – 31 January 2020
Daily from 12pm – 5pm (free entrance and parking)

Special Art Basel Event
Baker’s Brunch @ Bakehouse Art Complex
Thursday 5 December 2019
9am – 12pm

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The artists will be present. Curators and founders of The Gallery Club, Gili Crouwel and Robi Reisinger, will give tours of the exhibition.

About the exhibition 
Join us for our new exhibition The Passing of Time – Part II at Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami. The exhibition presents the work of four Miami-based photographers: Amanda Bradley, Maritza Caneca, Stephan Göttlicher and Luis Lazo.

The photographers, hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds and working at different stages of their practice, explore common themes within their body of work – the notion of time, place, memory, and history play an important role in the diverse stories related through their photography.

All works are available for purchase

Amanda Bradley
Using photography as a tool of discovery and connection, the work of Amanda Bradley explores place and landscape as a means to understand and expose histories, relationships and memory. There are distinct moments within the landscape that recall a moment of connection, whether past or present. Moments that transform a passing memory into a memorial material; moments that touch all senses and carry the weight of the live they once lived.

Please find the selection of Amanda’s work here

Maritza Caneca
In 2012 Maritza Caneca started the Swimming Pool Series after a visit to the hacienda of her paternal grandparents in Brazil. She was impressed to see that the state of the house and the pool were completely empty and abandoned. From that moment on Caneca transformed her camera into a subjective device to capture memories in the water or in its absence. She captures pools all over the world, as scenarios in which the presence of people is not necessary to be able to contemplate the conjunction between the intimate and the collective. This way the pools end up functioning as a cornerstone of a well where you can’t only see your own memories, but also reflect as a social mirror.

Please find the selection of Maritza’s work here

Stephan Göttlicher
For this exhibition The Gallery Club is exhibiting new work by Göttlicher. The images, taken during the last two years, of his ‘passing time’ are a personal diary seen through his lens, where landscape and architecture prevails. His new series – with the beautiful name Swimming with Mies – is a homage to Miami, South Florida, Chicago, Detroit and the architecture of Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright.

The German photography tradition is strongly present in Göttlicher’s work. The objective black and white photographs can be compared with post-war German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher, the famous founders of the Düsseldorf photography school and their equally famous students such as Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth.

Please find the selection of Stephan’s work here

Luis Lazo
Luis Lazo’s work interweaves personal memories, landscapes and portraits to reveal stories of shared experiences in a reflective and hopefully moving manner, capturing the relationship of the human subject in time, history and emotion. His main consideration is to engage and record the silent and fleeting nature of these little moments, to express their importance to him and capture their distinctive spontaneity.

Please find the selection of Luis’ work here