The Gallery Club presents The Passing of Time


The Gallery Club presents The Passing of Time

Photography by Amanda Bradley, Stephan Göttlicher and Luis Lazo

10 – 13 April 2019
@ The Alfred DuPont Building
entrance: 96 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Opening // Wednesday, April 10th 2019
6 – 8pm

Join us for a festive opening of the exhibition The Passing of Time at The Alfred DuPont Building.

Please RSVP before April 8th to

Free and open to the public

Regular opening hours of the exhibition:

11 – 13 April 2019 // 1 – 6pm

Free and open to the public

The Gallery Club is proud to present its newest exhibition in Miami, The Passing of Time, in collaboration with photographers Amanda Bradley, Stephan Göttlicher and Luis Lazo.

Amanda Bradley
Using photography as a tool of discovery and connection, Amanda Bradley’s work explores place and landscape as a means to understand and expose histories, relationships and memory. There are distinct moments within the landscape that recall a moment of connection, whether past or present. Moments that transform a passing memory into a memorial material; moments that touch all senses and carry the weight of the live they once lived.

The images are ways in which she navigates the passing of time and the scale of the individual. Teetering on the boundary of what is and what once was, Amanda searches within the infinite for more than what stands in front of her. She searches for the moments that always exist, the pieces and places that carry with them – identity, intimacy and vulnerability.

Stephan Göttlicher
The act of creating a photograph is very sensitive for German photographer Stephan Göttlicher. He believes that, in our time, the distinctions occur in the moment of seeing things: he needs to take the photo when it comes to him. There is also the aspect of the working process itself. Göttlicher was trained classically, but loves technical faults and mistakes and doing things in ways they shouldn’t be done. This has become a part of his work and a stimulant to experiment and investigate.

Göttlicher came to photography from dance – spending about fifteen years studying and then working as a professional ballet dancer in Germany, England, and Switzerland. It was a very visual education that he had through dance involving all arts. Photography became a passion while he was a dancer. He began to view dance and the world at large through the lens, and it opened things up for him. Göttlicher got his start as a professional photographer by taking images for dance companies while still a dancer. Before long it became such a passion that he stopped dancing and switched to photography.

In the late 1990s Göttlicher had his coming of age as a photographer, towards the end of the analog period. The digital revolution in photography has been a challenge. Although he enjoys working in both analog and digital, he’s more comfortable doing things in the old school style and having to wait for the results. The act of making photographs – of looking at the world, framing it, preserving it, and sharing the work – makes him feel at home on this planet.

Luis Lazo
Luis Lazo was born in Chile, raised in London and has lived in the south of France for the last nine years before calling Miami home. His studies include Art History and Photography at Bourneville School of Art, before receiving an Honors Degree in Visual Communication from the University of Wolverhampton, U.K.

The story found in Lazo’s work is not merely a place or person, but rather, the very composition they both share. As nature contrasts the relationship we have to it, the picture is formed. The finished image coherently freezes for the viewer the very story of Life; a viewpoint of nature as colors transfix, and time and space reshape forever our perception. Luis Lazo’s work often encompasses elements of light and shadow, clouds, endless water, and the human component.

His work interweaves personal memories, landscapes and portraits to reveal stories of shared experiences in a reflective and hopefully moving manner, capturing the relationship of the human subject in time, history and emotion. His main consideration is to engage and record the silent and fleeting nature of these little moments, to express their importance to him and capture their distinctive spontaneity.

Lazo has worked as a stills photographer on feature films as well as photographing for publications such as Harpers, Queens, The Telegraph and Premiere Magazine among others. He has also photographed for fashion publications such as British GQ, Twill in Paris, and So-In in Japan. His exhibition history includes solo and group exhibits in England, France, Amsterdam and was recently awarded Viewbook Photostory’s First Prize in the Conceptual category.

All works are available for purchase.